AMI Montessori Center Korea

For those who live with their children, the AMI Montessori program is very touching. In Korea, the Korea Montessori Institute has been established since 1994 to give 3-6 diploma. I am also a graduate of that school and I have unlimited trust in Montessori education. Since then, I have worked hard to implement Montessori education and became a trainer(0-3) in 2018. After becoming a trainer, I have established the Montessori Center Korea and led the assistants course and the diploma course. In Korea, many people are still trying to practice AMI Montessori education. More thoroughly, based on a more clear theoretical knowledge, we created "The Society of Montessori Loving People (Monsamo)" with professors, teachers and parents as the central body to practice Montessori education. Monsamo will translate from Montessori's books and hold seminars every year, and will strive for a better future, better community for Dr. Montessori's dream.

Course Director Ei Bi Chung